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Dental Services

  • Dental Implants
  • Non Surgical Treatment
  • Periodontal Surgery

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best services dentistry has to offer today. They can replace a single tooth, several teeth and even support a denture. Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are placed directly into the jaw bone, sometimes right after a tooth is extracted, or in an area where a tooth has been missing for several years. After the procedure is completed, the area is allowed to heal for several weeks or months, depending on the nature of the situation. Dental implant surgery is very similar to aspects of other dental surgical procedures such as extractions and periodontal surgery.

Non Surgical Treatment

The goal of non surgical treatment is to create an environment that allows the gum tissues to heal. This treatment can be performed by the dentist or hygienist utilizing local anesthesia. The plaque and tartar are removed, and the tooth and root surfaces smoothed using instruments and ultrasonic devices. Sometimes the infection will be treated with an antibiotic placed directly into the infected pocket, or medication may be prescribed.

Periodontal Surgery

If non surgical treatment cannot completely heal the tissues, surgery may be indicated. This entails opening up the gum to gain access to the infected tissue and tartar on the surface of the root. Other medicaments may be applied to the root surface to help the tissue to heal. Occasionally a suture will be used to place the gum in a better location around the tooth.

Case Studies

Problem: One of our patients is Stephanie. Her main concern at her first appointment was that her front teeth were loose, preventing her from eating the foods she enjoyed, interacting socially with her friends, and singing, which is her passion.

Solution: Over the next several visits, her two front teeth were extracted and dental implants with crowns were placed. The entire process took approximately six months.

Result: Once the procedure was completed, Stephanie was amazed that her new smile and stability of her teeth were “better than her old ones.”